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    The purpose of the Association is to assist, educate, coordinate and guide the implementation, development and maintenance of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology in the State of Nebraska. The Association's efforts and focus include the following areas:

  • Educate the general public, and public officials, about the nature of, and benefits from geospatial information and related technologies, including but not limited to Geographic information systems, the Internet, global positioning technologies, and remote sensing.

  • Foster a spirit of cooperation among local, state and federal agencies, and the private sector in addressing common geospatial databases needs related to the geographic area of Nebraska.

  • Host regular meetings, conferences and technical workshops for the exchange of information and to exhibit products and services.

  • Publish documents, produce educational materials, and promote education pertaining to geographic information and related technologies.

    Our vision is to grow a professional society that promotes GIS as an industry and helps to further opportunities for GIS professionals. The Association welcomes and encourages additional involvement from geospatial technology professionals.

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