2015 Story Map Competition and Results

The Nebraska GIS/LIS Association invites college students in the state of Nebraska to enter the 2015 Story Map Competition. The Association will judge and name winners of the competition during Geography Awareness Week. The awards will be presented during a GIS Day Social Event (Wednesday November 18th, 2015).

Rules can be found here

We received eight submissions for this year’s contest.

They can be viewed by clicking the following links:

Omaha’s Entertainment Districts

Nebraska STI Tribal

Waterfalls in Nebraska — This one was featured in a NGPC Blog!

Nebraska – A New World

Nebraska Counties Classified by Metropolitan Status: 2013

FEMA Flood Maps, Omaha

Famous Nebraskans

Fracking Wells in Nebraska






First Place:

Alex Mohr: Nebraska – A New World!


Second Place:

Bridget Tuttle: Famous Nebraskans


Third Place:

Marshall Brown: Fracking Wells in Nebraska


Member Spotlight – Andrew Christenson

This month, we will feature an Individual for our Member Spotlight. That Individual is Andrew Christenson. Andrew works for The Nebraska State Patrol. Responses are his own.


NE GIS/LIS: Tell us a little about your company and your role.

AC: The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) is a law enforcement agency with a wide variety of duties including: improving public safety, enforcing traffic, criminal and drug laws and investigating crimes. It’s no surprise that there is a GIS component to all these people, places and events. NSP houses Nebraska’s Fusion Center where I, as the GIS Program Coordinator and a Crime Analyst, create maps, datasets and products from case related data and maintain databases, ArcGIS services and web applications for investigators and disseminate information to local, state and federal entities.


NE GIS/LIS: How long have you worked with GIS?

AC: I have worked with GIS for over 9 years from the ground up starting with mass hand-digitizing streams and engineering using ArcView 3.2 for the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources.

NE GIS/LIS: What was your first Nebraska GIS/LIS Association activity?

AC: With wide eyes I attended the 2011 Symposium in La Vista.

NE GIS/LIS: What do you like most about your job?

AC: I have the unique opportunity to run the whole show by taking primarily non-geographic records, geocode them, serve them as map services, consume them using the Geocortex Essentials web application and display the records back geographically to users. The whole circle just feels so nice and furthers the use and value of the records in the first place; which is what we are all trying to do anyway.


NE GIS/LIS: If you couldn’t choose your current career path, what alternative path/career would you pursue?

AC: If not on this path I’d teach high school physics.

NE GIS/LIS: What is your proudest career moment?

AC: Landing such a unique position to learn and really make a big difference with NSP where I get serious recognition for serious work has been my proudest career moment.


NE GIS/LIS: What is your proudest personal life moment?

AC: You know I am going to divert because it isn’t fair to my life to pick ONE. I did conquer basic cheese making and can turn out a tasty batch of farmhouse cheddar; people are talking about it.

NE GIS/LIS: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

AC: In 5 years I’ll be at the ninja level in the GIS world. I did convert my workspace to a standing workspace. So wherever I am, I aim to be standing.

NE GIS/LIS: What do you like to do in your spare time?

AC: I like to play with my wife and kids, tinker with python programming and origami, and experiment in the kitchen in a bake-eat cycle.

NE GIS/LIS: We would like to thank Andrew for taking part in our Member Spotlight!